PANEL 12: Green Policies

With Kim Stanley Robinson and Eliane Brum

Host: Lucia Sá is a professor of Brazilian Studies at Manchester University, in the UK

Kim Stanley Robinson was invited and given a full-free pass by COP26 organizers to follow the negotiations that tried to set out a new international agreement aiming to avoid climate catastrophe. It may seem like a strange task for a renowned science fiction writer, but his latest literary work, The Ministry for the Future (the “book of the decade” according to musician/thinker Brian Eno), is now indisputably a reference for many people who set environmental policies around the world. At Flip, Kim Stanley Robinson talks with Eliane Brum, who has just published Banzeiro òkòtó: Uma viagem à Amazônia Centro do Mundo [Journey to the Amazon Center of the Earth], her account on the struggle against the climate catastrophe underway in the rainforest. How can current green policies guide us into inventing other possible futures?

Date and time:

12/02/2021 8pm