day 5

Final day: the Syrian conflict, a tribute to Ana C., and a screening of short films

The first table on Sunday (3/7) welcomed the reporter Patrícia Campos Mello, a specialist in covering areas of geopolitical conflict, and the Syrian writer Abud Said, who found fame after publishing accounts of his daily life on Facebook. Right at the beginning, Patrícia stated how much she respected the Syrian people: “Without the Syrians, foreign journalists are nothing. They are the ones who understand the place, the culture – they are the translators”.

Following this, at one of the culminating events of the 14 th Flip’s closing session, the writer Vilma Arêas, with tears in her eyes and a tremor in her voice, read a verse by the poet Cacaso: “Ana Cristina, where are you? I am here, can’t you see?” At the end of the discussion, the question was repeated by the curator Paulo Werneck, and, with one voice, the audience responded. The two moments were clear evidence of the tone of affection that guided the panel dedicated to the festival’s commemorated writer. During the conversation, Alcides also recalled how the writer masterfully mixed prose and verse: “Ana Cesar isn’t concerned in the slightest about following a certain theme, separating prose and poetry”.

Starting the traditional “Livro de cabeceira” (“Desert Island Books”) panel, Liz Calder summed up this year’s final get together as both a happy and sad occasion. “It’s happy because we have listened to great writers talking about great books; but it is sad because it’s the last meeting before next year.” Sitting in a semi-circle on the stage in the Authors’ Marquee Arthur Japin, Helen Macdonald, J.P. Cuenca, Karl Ove Knausgaard, Kate Tempest, Laura Liuzzi, Marcílio França

Castro, Misha Glenny and Ricardo Araújo Pereira read extracts from the books that they would take to accompany them on a desert island. Flip finished, therefore, combining literature with a collective celebration.


The Story Circle came to a close this Sunday, with the writers and illustrators Guto Lacaz, Blandina & Lollo, Laura Castilhos, Selma Maria and Celso Sisto. In the Main Square, a show by ‘Zoando Som’ and the musical ‘A volta do malandro’ brightened up the day. Flipinha 2016 occupied the Square and also the Câmara Torres Cultural Center with a full cultural and educational program that ran from June 28.


‘CineZina’, the screening of short films produced by Central FlipZona during the festival, brought the 2016 activities to a close on Sunday. This year’s ‘Central’ was developed by a team of thirty young people from Paraty, aged between 12 and 18, who worked putting together

twelve audiovisual works. Feminism and the importance of the female in literature formed the central focus of the videos.

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